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Winter care for your Porsche
Winter care for your Porsche
Winter care for your Porsche
Winter care for your Porsche

Winter care for your Porsche


With a few more weeks of winter weather to endure before spring arrives, Porsche Car Care products have every inch of your car covered to keep it in top condition.

All products are developed and tested with the entire vehicle in mind, for both the interior and exterior of your Porsche. We have listed below just a few of the most popular items from the extensive range:


Winter window cleaner concentrate
1,000 ml bottle, works undiluted down to – 49 °C. 

Item no: 00004400227

£6.00 incl VAT.

Winter Care Kit
Care series in a waterproof bag with practical inner compartments. The set includes winter window cleaner concentrate (2 bottles with 1,000 ml each), window cleaner (250 ml bottle), interior glass cleaner (100 ml bottle), ice scraper and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Item no: 00004400104

£66.00 incl VAT

Ice scraper with glove 

Ice scraper made of robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate ensures a free view in icy and snowy conditions. The lined, waterproof glove protects the hand from cold and moisture. The flexible handle ensures effortless scraping. 

Item no: 95B044006

£7.00 incl VAT


Leather care kit part
Leather cleaner, 100 ml bottle for smooth-finish leather. Removes dirt and stains without altering the original colour.
Prepares the leather well for subsequent treatment with the Porsche leather conditioner.
Leather conditioner, 100 ml bottle.
Preserves the natural suppleness of the leather

Item no: 00004400401

£48.99 incl VAT


Rim care set
Cleaning and care product set for alloy wheels in a practical carry case. The contents include rim cleaner (acid-free), 500 ml bottle with spray head, sponge and three-piece brush set for stubborn dirt. The rim cleaner is also available individually with a spray head and as a 1,000 ml refilling bottle.

Item no.: 00004400237

£66.00 incl VAT


Car care case – cabriolet
Optimally matched care products in a handy bag with accessories. Contains high-quality care products specially approved for the interior and exterior of Porsche vehicles. The contents comprise washing shampoo and convertible top cleaner, hard wax, convertible top conditioner, inside glass cleaner, leather cleaner and conditioner, cloths, sponges and wash leather.

Item no: 00004400404  

£120.00 incl VAT


To order these, or any other products in the range, call 01902 594007 to speak to our Parts Team. Call 01902 397911  or email info@porschewolverhampton.co.uk for any general Porsche enquiries.