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Exclusive Manufaktur

Exclusive Manufaktur


Ferry Porsche once said: “We believe in quality, not quantity when it comes to building cars”. And this attitude is one that we also live by. We are dedicated to fulfilling your wishes, to develop one-off vehicles which bring our motte “individuality straight from the factory” onto the road.

Each Porsche is truly special. This passion is the reason why the exceptional is created time and time again. Customised vehicles are a tradition at Porsche. Our wealth of experience goes back a long way.

With Porsche exclusive manufaktur, the human hand is our most valued asset. From creating your vehicle on a screen in the centre to the hands bringing your truly unique Porsche to life in Stuggart.

Something extraordinary does not just happen somehow, somewhere. It happens at a very particular place. Hand-crafted. With Experience. With Passion. And through the inspiration of customers. Experts in their profession pass on these ideas and the personality of the buyers to the vehicle – and thus make a Porsche “your” Porsche.

Through Exclusive Manufaktur there is a whole host of aesthetic and technical enhancements available for any vehicle in the new car model range.  For more information, please call us on  0190 239 7911 or email us  info@porschewolverhampton.co.uk .